Triple CHALLENGE!! You CAN do it!

Are you ready to join me for a “real” challenge? Three training sessions will prepare you for a triple treat of fitness and

Tammye Stretching

Trainer, Tammye Wright warms up with stretching

fun. There is nothing better than mixing-it-up to keep workouts interesting and help you reach your fitness goals.

Here’s the plan. Training sessions will be held on three Saturdays; April 30, May 7 and May 21 at 9 a.m. beginning at the Ruby Tuesday Corporate Gym. Then, on Saturday, June 4, you will put your training to good work during Tammye’s Triple Challenge. Stay tuned for location details as the challenge will likely “move” to keep you on your toes! ūüėČ

I am extremely excited to organize and present this new course of classes and challenge. The cost is $30 for ALL training sessions and the Triple Challenge. There is the option of participating in the Triple Challenge only for $15, if you prefer to train on your own.

Class size is limited, so contact me below if you want to join this exciting program. It will be FUN!


Triple Challenge

So I ran the Spring Sprint this morning and then ran the stairs afterwards! That was my first training session for the Triple Challenge! It is going to be totally do-able.  Even though my calves are talking to me.  It was great to get out there and do it, I am starting to see how to put the whole thing together.  I would like to make the event seamless and I would love to be able to do it with you guys.  Not sure if that is possible, generally, I am navigating and assisting too much to participate.  I am going to need some great volunteers to help me navigate.  Let me know if you knowof anyone that can help.

The Spring Sprint was great.¬† The weather ended up being perfect, nice breeze and not too hot.¬† Congrats to all the girls that were out there with me.¬† I know several had PR’s and some completed it when they weren’t sure they could! Love it!¬† I am constantly proud of my girls!

More info about the Triple Challenge coming.¬† Don’t foret about our Weekend Warrior Sat April 23rd!¬† 9 Am!¬† We are going outside if weather permits.

Enjoy your weekend!

Gearing Up in 2011 !

Let me send out a “BRAVO!” to all of you who worked to make fitness a part of your holidays! I had a terrific turnout for blitz classes before Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years indicating that many of you really want to offset the obvious pitfalls of holiday feasting.

The Christmas Blast class from Saturday, December 18 was fabulous and provided my favorite techniques that maximize fitness by getting more bang for your buck as illustrated below!

When I hold blast classes, I encourage you to bring your friends in hopes of getting them to find a place for fitness in their lives.¬† It is a lifestyle choice and takes some practice to make routine in your life.¬† If you are interested in any of my group training classes, check out the pages section of this blog for class times.¬† Drop me an email and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Here’s to a healthy and fit 2011!¬† We LOVE it!!!

Witchy Warriors take flight Oct. 30 – Join Us!

Happy Halloween!  Before you dive into ANY treats this Halloween, think fitness FIRST.  To keep you on the right track

Happy Halloween!

and out of the fun-size chocolate bars, join me for a 90-minute “Witchy” Weekend Warrior class on Saturday, October 30 at 9:00 a.m.¬† It might be the one thing you do that won’t haunt you post-Halloween!

If you’re interested in attending, just send me a comment, or email so I can prepare appropriately!¬† If it proves to be a beautiful fall morning, we’ll take our challenge outdoors.

Join Us! Saturday, July 17-Weekend Warriors!

Just because it’s HOT doesn’t mean we can’t get outside.¬† We just have to take advantage of

Bicep Curls Go Like This!

the “cooler” mornings.¬† So, roll out of bed early this Saturday and join me for an energizing 90 minute Weekend Warrior class that will begin at the Maryville Middle School running track at 7:30 a.m.!! After cardio drills, we will move¬†back to the gym¬†and work on¬†upper body and abdominal strength and¬†then a little power yoga¬†to round out our Saturday morning challenge.

The BEST news?  Well, by 9 a.m. you will be DONE and ready for your weekend.  Zip a message my way if you plan to attend this early morning Weekend Warrior!

Easy Homemade Protein Bars

I love these bars and they are so easy!

1 cup protein powder ( one that can be baked or cooked with)

1 cup oatmeal

1 cup natural peanut butter, or almond or sunflower butter

1/3 cup flax seeds or salba seeds ( optional)

1/2 cup nuts ( ground)

3/4 cup honey

2tsp vanilla extract

Put all dry ingredients in bowl.  Heat peanut butter and honey in micowave for 30-60 seconds or long enough to stir easily.  Pour into dry ingredients and mix well.  Spread in pan, cut into bars and put in fridge to harden.

Bars can be stored in fridge or out based on preference.  You can also add dried fruit or chocolate chips. 

I use protein powder from the Health shop, just ask for a protein that you can cook with. I also prefer to use local fresh honey!  Play with what peanut butter you use as well, I used some of my Dark Chocolate Dreams in the last batch and that was yummy!


Summer – Staying on Track

Well with summer in full swing, I hope that you are finding time for yourself and your fitness.¬† Maybe I should have used the term “making time” for your fitness, because some times you have to be creative, determined and think outside the box to get it done.¬† Don’t let vacations, pool days, and cookouts throw you off track.¬† Have a plan!¬† Remember, failing to plan is like planning to fail.¬† 20- 45 minutes is plenty of time to get a great workout in.¬† Amp up your intensity and make every second count, do cardio intervals versus steady state cardio and do circuit training for strength work.¬† This way you heart rate never goes down and your creating a metabolic disturbance, which means your body is burning calories for 24 more hours.¬† Take advantage¬†of all the fresh fruits¬†and vegetables that are so yummy right now!¬†¬†Be creative so that you don’t get bored, use them on sandwiches and salads, in a stir fry, with hummous, or with a greek yogurt based dip.¬† Pair them with a lean protein source and you are set!¬† It’s easy to be healthy if you plan it, no excuses!

Carson Newman Tennis Player Spends Summer with Me!

I met Kylie Elliot the summer before her Senior year at William Blount High School.  I started training her that summer and continued through her Senior year.

This is the second summer I’ve enjoyed welcoming Kylie to my training sessions. Kylie is a member of the

Kylie masters the Step!

Eagles Tennis Team and just finished her second year at Carson Newman.

Kylie comes home to Blount County for summer and works as a tennis instructor for area camps. This year, she will spend some time helping tennis students at Webb School of Knoxville. She also gives McKenna tennis lessons in the summer!! McKenna loves her and she¬†makes a great babysitter! ūüôā

To her credit, Kyle doesn’t forget to take care of herself. After all, as a college-level tennis player, she has to stay in shape! I am so proud of her for getting up early and coming to workout, such dedication! Kylie keeps up her commitment to fitness by participating in my small group classes. It’s affordable, and offers several options for her summer schedule. Kylie claims our training sessions are tougher than her tennis workouts at Carson Newman.¬† ¬†Hmmmm… know I love that!

It’s a joy having her back for the summer! If you want to commit to your summer workout, join us. See my “pages” section for current group training times.

Wednesday Revision for Morning Small Group!

With kids out of school and summer in full swing, some of my clients were looking to super size their workouts during the week.

I have talked aka “preached” about the importance of cardio interval training for years, recently the research that proves its effectiveness is very powerful.¬† I decided to give my Wednesday morning small group a sample cardio interval workout.¬† They liked it, realized it was a lot easier to do with other ladies and enjoyed the variety provided.¬† Therefore, they wanted¬†to do it every week!¬† A similiar story fits my Wednesday evening small group.¬† ¬†

From 8:15 a.m. until 9:00, I design and lead you through strength exercises. From 9:00 to 9:30, we switch it up for cardio drills, a proven method to burn 9X more fat than steady state cardio.

I have pricing options on this class for those who want strength, cardio or both.
Strength only $8 per class
Cardio only $5 per class
Take advantage of both strength & cardio for $12 per class.

Contact me for more details, or if you are interested in taking part in the Wednesday training sessions!

McKenna’s dance day, can I steal some moves….

No class this past Saturday or 5K run, spent the whole day with McKenna and her end of the school year dance recital.¬† We had a very long dress rehearsal that morning that seemed pretty chaotic at first.¬† Mckenna’s second dance finished the show, so that means I had to stay for the whole rehearsal, so lucky we were..:).¬†

A few hours at home and back to the school we go.¬† The actual recital went much better than the morning rehearsal.¬†¬†I looked for some new moves for my dance aerobics (Fusion) class, didn’t come home with much…hehe.¬† I actually even wondered what it would be like to teach dance classes to kids, might be sort of fun!¬†

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